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Our Lady of Mercy Primary School
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Our Lady of Mercy Primary School is a co-educational, multicultural school catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our school continues the work of the Sisters of Mercy by living our school motto of “Integrity and Gentleness”.

Our Lady of Mercy Primary School operates under one Teaching and Learning Philosophy to ensure consistency in all subject areas. The school has a heavy focus on Explicit Direct Instruction in the core areas of English and Mathematics, supported by some whole school Direct Instruction programs. An Inquiry approach with an integrated curriculum program, is highly encouraged in the learning area of HASS and other associated Science and Humanities subjects. All content taught aligns to the Western Australian Curriculum and teachers must use the school curriculum maps to design teaching and learning programs in English and Mathematics. Intervention programs in the Junior grades for English include; Minilit, MacqLit and Reading Recovery. ACARA has identified OLOM has having demonstrated substantially above average gain in NAPLAN results for two years running, 2015 and 2016. As stated by ACARA, gains of this magnitude are significant and worthy of highlighting and acknowledgment.

To learn more about how Our Lady of Mercy was identified in having a substantial gain in Literacy and Numeracy, click the information sheet below.